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Photographed 2019

I N THIS DAY AND AGE, EVERY AMATEUR WITH A SMARTPHONE CONSIDERS himself an artiste. Hundreds of shots of breathtaking panoramas, mouthwatering meals and precious portraits of our fluffy four-legged friends are uploaded to social media every minute, disseminated to the masses with one click to be shared and drooled over and adored by strangers in far-flung locales. And filters […]

Tropical Heat is hot hot hot

August in Key West is hot. We know what you’re thinking: Key West isn’t special — August just about everywhere in the country is hot. Yes, Death Valley may be setting records for three-digit temps, but Key West’s humidity is positively brutal. We’re talking walking through molasses, stopping at every other bar just for water (an act so blasphemous you […]

Two centuries after its invention, the fine art of photography is still revered, celebrated

The earliest known surviving photograph made in a camera was taken by Nicéphore Niépce in 1826 in France. The piece, titled “View from the Window at Le Gras,” was created by a process he invented called heliography, which worked much like a darkroom process, if you can imagine, but on a metal plate using natural elements including a hardening asphalt […]


Actor Susannah Wells is squashing female guilt and considering LASIK for a post-apocalyptic future

Bangs are in and so are guinea pigs! At least the consenting human kind. Susannah Wells is the tap dancing actor who lives for her reenactment and comedic performances. The host of “Sus On the Street” also works with Wonderdog Studios and co-created The Guinea Pig Girls Podcast alongside Kristen Michelle. Let’s see how well Sus can tap dance her […]


Wild Bill Charters: Beautiful day, slow dolphin fishing but shark fishing was epic today. — Capt. Artie Duplessis 1801 N. Roosevelt Blvd., Key West 305-744-7957

Come get some tail at Key West Lobsterfest

A PREEMPTORY NOTE: IF YOU’RE OF THE OPINION that “real lobster” has two big ol’ pinchy claws and is properly pronounced “lobstah,” then the following may not be to your liking. If, however, your crustacean preferences are a little more liberal, allow us to enlighten you on the clawless wonder that is the spiny lobster — a delicacy so prized […]

Seeking Nerdvana at GlitchCraft Café and Gameroom

“Nostalgia is super hot right now.” From a cultural standpoint, Keith St. Peter, co-owner of GlitchCraft Café and Gameroom, couldn’t be more right. So far this year, Stranger Things has re-awoken long dormant cravings for New Coke, fanny packs have appeared on haute couture runways around the world and Disney has released not one, but three live action versions of […]


‘It’s OK to not be OK’
Jennifer Hughes is the people’s Duchess in a wonderfully imperfect place

Jennifer Hughes is flawed and wants you to know that’s OK. Even better, she wants you to discuss your flaws, too. Jenn burst on to the scene in 2018 with her family-friendly campaign to capture the title of Fantasy Fest Queen. This mother of three quickly garnered supporters as an underdog and particularly candid candidate. Now she keeps it honest […]


Towering Inga tops them all

Imagine a living, 6-foot-plus Barbie doll with the same relative bust-to-hip ratio and requisite long, flowing blond hair. That’s the Inga whom I have seen perform, admire and got to know almost two decades ago. She’s a Swedish bombshell who arrived in Key West on Aug. 5, 1997, looking like a model for haute couture, albeit with more curves. Two […]


Val Edgington is on your Sidebar

Friday just called. She’ll be here tomorrow and she’s bringing the vodka. Wait, what day is it? Lucky for you, it doesn’t really matter because you’re in Key West, where there’s no shortage of vodka and everyday feels like Friday. When the summertime heat gets all kinds of disrespectful, it’s likely you need an adult beverage to quench your insatiable […]

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