SALT Gallery hosts Pam Hobbs’ ‘Women with Fish’ in November

A piece from Pam Hobbs’ “Women with Fish” exhibit. COURTESY PHOTO

A piece from Pam Hobbs’ “Women with Fish” exhibit. COURTESY PHOTO

This Friday, Nov. 15, SALT Gallery (830 Fleming St., will host a closing reception for “Women with Fish,” a collection of vibrant acrylic paintings by local artist Pam Hobbs, from 5-7 p.m.

Living in Key West for 40-some years, Hobbs calls the island her muse. “I find all the colors and skies and houses and plants in Key West and the Florida Keys an endless source of inspiration,” she says. “It seems there is always a new painting waiting to jump onto the next blank canvas.”

For “Women with Fish,” her newest series of acrylic paintings, Hobbs elected to try something a little different than her norm. “This is the year of the woman — let’s salute her!” she exclaims. “I had an idea for one painting of a strong woman holding a fish and it grew into 20-plus paintings. I don’t usually paint people so this was a bit out of my comfort zone, but I like a good challenge.”

Hobbs’ exhibit at SALT — her first at the gallery — was an exciting deviation for the established artist. “This show is a bit out of the ordinary for me and I thought it needed a different audience and a different showcase,” she says. “People know my work and might be surprised by this body of work. Thanks for loving my work enough to make it a part of your life!”

“We at SALT are profoundly honored to have an artist as distinguished and versatile as Pam Hobbs on our walls,” says gallery owner Laura Richardson. “’Women with Fish’ hits the mark on so many levels for us — it celebrates the energy and vibrancy of the Florida Keys, the strength that can be found in femininity and the whimsy SALT is becoming known for. We love Pam’s new collection and we think you will, too.”

SALT Gallery features an eclectic collection of local art, local sea salts, jewelry, pottery, wine and Florida Keys honey. Gallery owners Maria Sharpe and Laura Richardson feature a new artist each month at SALT. Hobbs’ work will remain on display through the end of November. For more information, call 305-517-6088 or visit ¦

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