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¦ Two passengers traveling together on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Miami on Oct. 30 were removed before taking off after one of the women attempted to sneak from coach into first class and hide in the footwell of her friend’s seat, Fox News reported. The flight had already been delayed because of a catering issue, according to a witness, who said, “Apparently the plan was for this woman’s friend to remain there the entire flight … (as a stunt to) drive viewers to their YouTube channel.” Flight attendants discovered the plot when they noticed an empty seat in coach, and the plane returned to the gate so the friends could be removed. The witness reported an unrelated passenger was also removed after he “cussed out” a flight attendant over the delay.

¦ An unnamed man from Idaho Falls, Idaho, pleaded guilty in a Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyo., court on Sept. 10 to citations including walking in restricted thermal areas of Yellowstone National Park after park rangers found him with a cooking pot and a burlap sack containing two whole chickens near a hot spring. Witnesses tipped off rangers on Aug. 7 that a group of 10 people, including a child, were seen hiking toward Shoshone Geyser Basin carrying cooking pots, reported. The man was ordered to pay fines and has been banned from Yellowstone for two years.


Loyola University graduate Brianna Hill went into labor within minutes of sitting down to take the Illinois bar exam on Oct. 5, but “I didn’t think about it because I was in the test,” she told NBC5 in Chicago. Hill continued and finished the first part of the test, then gave birth to a healthy son hours later at West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park, Ill. She tackled the second part of the exam the next day, from the hospital, breastfeeding during breaks. The whole experience was “definitely a little crazy,” she said. She’ll find out if she passed the bar in December.

I knew I forgot something

Deputies of the Anderson (Tennessee) County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a stolen log splitter in Marlow on Oct. 22, and discovered a severed finger among items left at the scene. Hugh Seeber, 50, later appeared at a local medical center with a missing finger, WATE reported, and was taken to UT Medical Center in Knoxville, where Anderson County Det. Sean Flynn met him with the severed digit. Seeber was charged with felony theft. ¦

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