Rams Head presents Bret Michaels at the Key West Theater


The Key West Theater welcomes multi-talented superstar Bret Michaels on Sunday, March 17.

As front man for the leglegendary rock band Poison, Michaels has sold 25 million records and scored an amazing 15 chart-busting stud Top 40 singles, including “Talk Dirty To Me,” “Something To Believe In,” “Nothing But A Good Time” and the timeless No. 1 hit “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.”

As a rock star, reality star, spokesperson, businessman and philanthropist, Michaels does more jobs in a single day than most people do in an entire lifetime. Depending on the hour of the day, he’s a cultural icon, a rock god, an entrepreneur, a TV star, a father, the face of the American Diabetes Association, a supercross enthusiast, solo artist, front man for Poison and a generous donor to myriad charitable causes.

He has achieved stunning success in the realm of reality TV as well.

Michaels’ “Rock of Love” series is one of the most successful in the history of VH1, with whom he teamed up again for his family-oriented 2010 docu-series “Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It.”


If nothing else, Michaels is a true survivor. He has survived a lifelong battle as an insulin-dependent diabetic, a well-publicized near fatal car crash in 1994 and the countless musical trends and fads of the last two decades.

“As soon as I ever start to just go through the motions, I’ll quit,” the singer, er, songwriter, producer,pr director and actor confessed in a recent interview.

But there’s little chance he’ll even slow down, let alone quit anytime time soon In fact, after more than 25 years in the business,  this award-winning, multi-platinum superstar has a career that continues to move at warp speed.

The Key West Theater is at 512 Eaton St. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show begins at 8 p.m.

Purchase tickets online at or or in person at the Key West Theater box office. ¦


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