Multimedia indie-rock musical ‘Greencard Wedding’ comes to The Studios of Key West



Brooklyn, 2012: Where you can be whatever you want … until your visa expires.

“Greencard Wedding” is a modern love story told through live performance, musical interludes, and simulcast video. Fresh from New York City and stages across America and abroad, the tale of artistic triumph through technology and music is presented by Goode Productions, and comes to The Studios of Key West March 23-25.

Performed by Irish/American award-winning duo Jody Christopherson (“The Other Mozart”) and Ryan McCurdy (“ONCE”, “Broadway Cares”), “Greencard Wedding” follows the six-month relationship of Irish bartender/guitarist Connel Byrne (Mr. McCurdy) and American backup singer Joy Fine (Ms. Christopherson). The thoroughly original script explores all the hopes, desires and frustrations of long-distance love.

Meeting up on a Brooklyn subway platform just after her band plays a gig at the pub where he works, Joy and Connel stage an impromptu jam session that ignites a passionate love affair. The affair is cut short when Connel’s visa is cancelled, and the lovers’ bittersweet story of love and separation plays out in a 75-minute show that is equal parts performance, rock concert and film.

Emily Cordes of “Theatre is Easy” says, “Christopherson and McCurdy are equally comfortable as scene partners and bandmates, inhabiting the songs’ emotional truth as much as their melodies. The resulting intimacy is palpable…”

With personal and collaborative creative aspirations at the fore, the couple grapples with the usual challenges of new love: intimacy and jealousy, and the often cumbersome attempts to find connection through technology. Further complicating their situation is Connel’s need to demonstrate that he is “an artist of extraordinary ability” — the condition required to secure his artist visa.

“‘Greencard Wedding’ is a true story,” says writer/creator Ms. Christopherson. I wrote it as a way of keeping our band together when we were struggling to keep a band member in the country. My hope was that it would not only bring to light the very real struggle we were facing, but hopefully demonstrate and serve as proof that we were, in fact, artists of extraordinary ability, and worthy of a visa.

“There are more and more people going through immigration issues like this right now, and we have to put a real face on it, not shrink away from it,” she says. “Creating work like this gives us a chance to take risks and talk about these things.”

“Greencard Wedding” has been presented and developed at the interactive film festival Filmgate Miami, Carrie Morris Performing Art Center in Detroit MI (winner: best actor in Detroit Fringe), The Brick Theater and Fringe NYC. ¦

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