May the Fourth be With You: A Burlesque Parody



Key West Burlesque presents one of their all-time favorite shows this Saturday, May 4 — the Star Wars parody burlesque show! “May The Fourth Be With You: A Burlesque Parody” is a wild mix of childhood favorites and adult fantasies.

Formed in 2006, Key West Burlesque was created to showcase the worldwide revival of the classic art form of striptease now known as neo-burlesque. As an ever-growing movement in arts and entertainment, burlesque has become an international sensation — with movies made and books written about it, burlesque is once again at the forefront of entertainment and Key West Burlesque is very much keeping the venerable art form alive.

Christa Hunt, under the exotic stage name Tatah DuJour, has been performing burlesque in Key West since 2005 and, in the intervening decade and change, she and her merry band of burlesque barnstormers have staged dozens of shows in venues ranging from a jury-rigged scaffold at Kelly’s Caribbean to the sprawling mainstage at the Key West Theater.



In “May The Fourth Be With You,” Tatah DuJour plays host and narrates the epic take-off as the character The Force DuJour while long time Key West Burlesque alumni Moana Amour and Scarlett thrill the audience with their incredible performances as Moana Solo and Chestybaca.

Special guest stars and local favorites capture the sexy side of Star Wars with their take on all of your favorite classic characters and the cast features the always entertaining Key West Burlesque dancers.

Since its inception, Key West Burlesque has far surpassed its neo-burlesque roots in production quality and ingenuity. The small theater troupe has become known as one of the most creative burlesque companies of its kind, especially since they were fortunate enough to take root in Key West’s incredible progressive theater and art scene.

Key West Burlesque shows incorporate the art form of burlesque into original, full-scale theatrical productions created largely by local Key West artists and performers. Expanding beyond their island confines, Key West Burlesque shows have been recognized internationally for having imaginative scripts and choreography with vivid costuming and sets.



The productions often incorporate Key West themes and ideas into their story lines and feature the island’s most amazing and uniquely talented performers while integrating local businesses and well-known Key West characters into the productions. Often, audience members become part of the show while performers interact with them on and off the stage, creating an unforgettable theatrical experience.

May The Fourth Be With You: A Burlesque Parody is a one night only event happening on Saturday, May the 4th (Be With You!) at Sidebar (504 Angela St.). Doors open at 7:30 p.m., the show starts at 8 p.m. For tickets, go to ¦

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