Love, sparkle and merriment: What every wedding is made of



Nothing captures a diva’s fancy more than a wedding. It combines all of my favorite things: love, sparkle and merriment. I adore weddings so much that one can max out the photo storage limit on my iPhone faster than you can say, “I do.”

And because I get so excited about weddings, I can tend to overthink my outfit. For the wedding I attended this past Saturday, for example, I couldn’t decide whether to wear my ivory feathery fascinator or not. It’s a pretty fabulous fascinator, and I would never want to upstage the bride. But then I reminded myself, why fret? There was no bride. Scott and Ron’s wedding meant two gorgeous grooms in stunning tuxes. I could wear whatever I wanted!

I ended up going with a simple cocktail dress — and the fascinator — for my first gay wedding. Of course, no one cared a bit what I was wearing (not even me). All eyes and hearts were focused on the grooms.

Scott Carpenter and Ron Kelly share their first dance as Mr. and Mr. Scott Carpenter and Ron Kelly share their first dance as Mr. and Mr. Even before they became a couple, Scott Carpenter and Ron Kelly both loved the Baz Luhrmann film “Moulin Rouge,” so they chose it as the theme of their wedding: Paris, red and black velvet, poetry, music and romance. And since both grooms are involved with local theater (Scott is an actor, Ron is a lighting designer), there was even a script, a playbill and a standing ovation.

As much as I’d like to think Scott and Ron’s wedding was like any wedding I’ve ever attended (because it was), it really wasn’t.

It was history.

It was the first time I’ve ever seen two people of the same sex who are madly in love, who have been partners for 15 years, who have desperately wanted to make their union legal, finally get to do just that.

Scott and Ron sweetly gifted their guests darling little chocolates in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, but they would have done better with Kleenex, because there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. And as if the ceremony didn’t have us all boo-hooing enough, on a big screen they showed a video of the proposal. It was Christmas of last year, shortly after the state of Florida legally recognized same sex marriage. Scott had decided to propose to Ron during their annual holiday party; meanwhile, Ron had the exact same idea. A dual surprise Christmas engagement — more Kleenex, stat!

Halfway through the wedding, my mascara was in streaks and I was using my poor fascinator to blow my nose.

The grooms didn’t plan it, but it was extra icing on their wedding cake when, on June 26, the Supreme Court of the United States voted to make gay marriage a constitutional right in all states. Good thing Scott and Ron included that info in their ceremony so that those of us who were already sobbing messes could just go ahead and dab our tears with our hair.

Did I mention that both grooms had “best gals” who gave the most lovely, moving toasts at the reception? At that point, I resorted to using the tablecloth to wipe away my tears.

I’ll never forget my first gay wedding — even when, as I’m certain will happen, a wedding becomes just a wedding, whether it’s two grooms, two brides or a bride and a groom.

My friend Nykkie, who attended Ron and

Scott’s wedding with her 3-year-old daughter,

Magnolia, said it best when we chatted after the ceremony: “I asked

Magnolia, ‘Wasn’t it a pretty wedding? Did you enjoy watching Ron and

Scott get married? Her reply? ‘I know, Mommy, they love each other SO much!’”

As she grows up, Magnolia will shed only normal tears at all weddings.

She’ll never know a time when it was different. That’s history.

Here come the waterworks again. Somebody, please, pass a fascinator. n

— Ciao for now, my lovelies! Stay tuned for another divalicious diary entry next week …





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