Key West is here-Video by Docklight Productions

Key West is back and open for business.

Check out this video by Mathew Dockery of Docklight Productions.

6 responses to “Key West is here-Video by Docklight Productions”

  1. Helen Axelson says:

    Thanks for sharing. So glad to see that “my happy place” is on her way back to her beautiful & quirky self. Cant wait to come back to visit….soon!!!

  2. Betty Spence Welch says:

    I just wish one or both of NAS Trumbo or Sigesbee would open to retiree RVers so we could come down and help our home away from home every winter. The biggest majority of us have living family there and would help economically and yes multitudes of us FREE labor to Entire Monroe county. We did not get to do what we do with working!

  3. Kate Goldsmith says:

    We cancelled our November trip to Key West and are going to California instead, but we WILL be back soon! So good to hear – we’ve been so worried about our happy place. 🙂

  4. Dave Coram says:

    Excellent music to go with the video. Watch on as big a screen as possible! 😉

  5. TIna says:

    Beautiful music to go with Beautiful video! Loved it! Rock on!

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