Get set for Key West’s “Big Bawdy Boo-lesque Show”

Mona Amour, aka Monika Jarzecka, performs as part of the Key West Burlesque’s “Big Bawdy Boo-lesque Show.” COURTESY PHOTO

Mona Amour, aka Monika Jarzecka, performs as part of the Key West Burlesque’s “Big Bawdy Boo-lesque Show.” COURTESY PHOTO

Fans of Key West Burlesque favorite “Mona Amour” will be delighted anew when the “Polish Dynamo” takes the stage in the troupe’s latest extravaganza, “Big Bawdy Boo-lesque Show” which kicks off at 8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 23, at the Key West Theater.

“I think that burlesque doesn’t get as much credit as other art,” she said. “Perhaps some assume that we just put makeup on and strip when in reality it’s so much work.”

Born Monika Jarzecka, Mona Amour is a 14-year veteran of the troupe, joining during its early off-Duval days, practicing and performing in the back room of photo studio Senses at Play and at other local businesses and community events. With roles that have spanned the gamut from a 1950s housewife to a horse, Mona Amour now performs both locally and internationally in extravaganzas with burlesque entertainers from across the country. She has toured the West coast twice, offering her sparkling energy to crowds in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Vancouver and Las Vegas.

Mona Amour said she and her fellow burlesque performers spend hours creating their acts, rehearsing and making sure the lights, sound, and stage effects are all perfectly in place before show time.

“Many of us make our own costumes, edit our own music, and create our own choreography,” she said. “We are just as professional as other artist and we put so much into it.”

The Bi Bawdy Boo-lesque Show runs for two evening performances featuring Mona Amour along with a hit-list of local performers, international burlesque stars, aerial acrobats, and frightening characters who include vampires and vixens, monsters and more.

“Over the years, I feel like my skills have bloomed and I understand the way this art works by mixing my dance skills and burlesque tease,” she said. “I am looking forward to being back on the stage at the Key West Theater and doing the thing I love best, performing burlesque.”

The Big Bawdy Boo-lesque Show is 8 p.m. Oct. 23-24 at the Key West Theater, 512 Eaton St.

For more information, visit To purchase tickets for all Key West Burlesque shows, go to or call the box office at 305-985-0433. ¦

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