Florida Weekly Writing Challenge enters Round 2



Welcome to the second week in Round 2 of the 2020 Florida Weekly Writing Challenge, which invites you to craft short stories based on photo prompts selected by our editors. Round 1 ended on May 10, with several entrants expressing appreciation for the exercise.

“Thank you for providing this contest in this perilous year,” Ed White of North Port wrote with his submission. “What better way to stay in place than to write a story.”

“Thanks for offering a way to open up my imagination and my heart in this Covid-19 shutdown,” Marco Island resident Nancy Murvine wrote.

For Round 2, you have until 5 p.m. Sunday, May 24, to send us your original fiction inspired by the photos shown here. We’ll run the same prompts next week before introducing two new prompts to start Round 3 on May 28. We’ll continue with a new round every two weeks.

We haven’t declared an end date or a grand prize yet, but you can count on the challenge presenting something you can do in air-conditioned comfort through the dog days of summer and early fall. Step up and write to whichever prompts stir your creative muse — just be sure to do it by the deadline specified for each round.



Here’s how it works:

In each round, you can submit one story or two, but only one for each photo — and nothing that combines the prompts into one story.

Keep your entries to a maximum of 750 words each, please. There is no minimum word count. And no poetry, thank you. Use upper and lower case, never ALL CAPS.

Run each entry through Spellcheck.

Just in case it’s not obvious to our editors, put a brief description of the photo that inspired it — for example, “cemetery in fall” or “crossing the street” for this second round — at the top of every entry. Also at the top: your full name, phone number, email address and city/state you live in.

Give your masterpiece a title and then email it, either attached as a Word document or simply pasted into the message area, to cpierce@floridaweekly.com.

This is important: Put the words WRITING CHALLENGE in the subject line of your email. You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt.

Snail mail offerings cannot be considered.

Questions? Email cpierce@floridaweekly.com. We’ll get back to you. ¦

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