DJ Citizen Jane to spin for parties during Key West’s Womenfest

If there is just one thing in this world to bring people together, it’s the power of music. Not many DJ/producers can say they’ve got what it takes to break through the subtle music barriers between several diverse groups, but then again none of those DJs are DJ Citizen Jane.

The Cuban American, Miami-born Pied Piper of the decks has been whistling her own tune and now is one of the most in-demand DJs in the country. Her resume reads like a circuit party passport that keeps growing every year. Her ability to read and keep a crowd going has allowed her to obtain resident DJ and headliner DJ billing at the hottest clubs, venues and musical festivals in the U.S., Canada and beyond including headliner for Live Nation events. She has had the honor of performing at the “world’s most famous arena,” Madison Square Garden.


Citizen Jane has many years of experience performing in the LGBT community and has been a headlining DJ in major circuit events in the U.S. and Canada such as Winter Music Conference, Inferno Puerto Rico, Gay Games (Cleveland, Ohio), Aqua Girl (10 years and longest running DJ), The Dinah Shore, Girls in Wonderland, Plezzure Island and Gay Days. Citizen Jane has had the boys and girls dancing to her beats in Spain, Argentina, Calgary, Australia, Utah, Michigan Vancouver, New York and LA.

Citizen Jane is the 2014 and 2015 Pink Flamingo Awards winner for “Favorite DJ,” an honor voted solely by the public. In 2015, Citizen Jane was the lone woman on the ballot, beating out Grammy Award winning DJs for the coveted award two years in a row. Citizen Jane was the only woman on the 2016 Folsom Fair billing, an event that women are rarely invited to spin and turned it out with a widely successful set at its crown night event, “Magnitude.” Even the godfather of promotors, Jeffrey Sanker, has booked Citizen Jane to set the dance floor on fire. Citizen Jane was named by Bump and Logo TV as the hottest DJ in Miami, Check out the interview on episode 7, season 4 Miami and on


Her love of music extends beyond her high energy DJ beats that have led her to become one of the most in-demand international DJ/producers on today’s DJ scene.

You can experience DJ Citizen Jane at the following Key West Womenfest events:


Friday, Sept. 8, 10 p. m. The Stop Light Dance Party Aqua Nightclub 711 Duval St.

Saturday, Sept. 9, 11 p. m. The White Party Aqua Nightclub 711 Duval St.

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