BrewFest invites you to raise a glass Labor Day weekend



On an average day, life in Key West is like a Corona ad.

Picture frosty drinks, crystal clear water and the sound of palm fronds rustling in the breeze.

What the ads don’t adequately convey is that by September, the Key West sun is so scorching it’s barely tolerable.

And just when you think you couldn’t possibly be any more parched, a woman with thick blond pigtails wearing a traditional German dirndl hands you a tall, foamy-headed golden pilsner and you think to yourself, “Wait … have I died and gone to hoppy heaven? Does everyone get a free drink ticket at the pearly gates?!”

No, friend, you haven’t ascended to the great beer hall in the sky and this is definitely not a dream. You’ve just happened to find yourself at Key West BrewFest, an alcoholic oasis set for Sept. 2-6 among the melting frozen drinks and the heat waves coming off of the steaming pavement.

Think of BrewFest as Key West’s interpretation of Oktoberfest … in September. As though it’s any surprise for a reputedly hard-drinking town, Key West BrewFest — now in its 11th year, after hiatus last year — has become a successful event.



What started as a small-town gathering for beer enthusiasts has ballooned to a five-day, festival featuring over 200 beers, thanks to a collaboration between the Southernmost Hotel Collection and the Key West Sunrise Rotary of the Conch Republic, with proceeds to benefit the Rotary Club’s charitable efforts.

The signature event, the 2021 Key West BrewFest Tasting Festival, is Saturday, Sept. 4, on South Beach. VIP admission (3-5 p.m.) is $100. General admission (5-8 p.m.) is $40.

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