A new Florida author combines real estate and piloting experience in a fictional tale of intrigue set in the Florida Keys



The Great Recession and subsequent real estate bust of 2008 was a force Floridians knew all too well if they were residing then in the Sunshine State. Shane Kammerdiener of Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., a longtime real estate agent, was a professional casualty of the crisis, and his insight gave the first-time author an idea for a fictional story that he developed into the recently published novel “Paper Hangar.”

Set in Jacksonville Beach, Miami, Fort Myers and the Florida Keys, the novel’s protagonist Pete Johnson quits his job as a Florida mortgage underwriter just before the housing bubble burst. His final parting shot sets in motion a chain of events that lead to murder, kidnapping and a run for his life. Along the way, Pete makes new friends in Key West and finds his way back to a life he’d forgotten.



Kammerdiener not only employed his real estate expertise but also tapped into his experience as a licensed pilot.

“I had always enjoyed writing about my flying adventures, and when I had the time after losing my job, I just started fooling around with this idea,” Kammerdiener said. “I really just needed a creative release and a way to express my outrage that the criminal enterprises that caused the housing bust were never held accountable.”

Kammerdiener said “Paper Hangar,” which he self-published, has been positively received since it debuted in May 2017.

“My family and friends have been tremendously supportive, but I’ve really been encouraged by the response from avid readers and book lovers I’ve met since “Paper Hangar” was released,” Kammerdiener said. “Suzanne Orchard of the Key West Island Bookstore recently hosted a signing for me, and I loved meeting a variety of local folks who had already read the book.”

“Paper Hangar” is available at the Key West Island Bookstore on Fleming Street and other select Florida bookstores. It was published on Amazon in eBook and print and is also available on Ingram Spark.

Kammerdiener, while writing “Paper Hangar,” built a portfolio of rental property in the Ponte Vedra Beach area. An accomplished entrepreneur and real estate investor, he enjoys bicycling on the sand, traveling and writing. More of his work can be found at www.ShaneKammerdiener. blogspot.com. ¦

2 responses to “A new Florida author combines real estate and piloting experience in a fictional tale of intrigue set in the Florida Keys”

  1. Ronald Kammerdiener and Margaret Kammerdiener says:

    To my son Shane, A great novel that you published. I’m a proud Father and hope you continue your writing.
    Best wishes in the future.
    Your Dad

    This is a wonderful novel. Good luck in the future.

  2. Skip Blades says:

    Great book! Can’t wait for the sequel.

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